The Boob Meets The Thyroid

Being a blogger has its perks. I’m not talking about money, freebies, travel or fame – although I am certainly open to offers and if past history is anything to go by, I am only second to labradors in my willingness to be bribed with food. The perks I’m talking about are meeting fabulous people, and one of them is Samantha from a blog called The Annoyed Thyroid. She has a regular series on her blog where she interviews women she thinks are inspiring, and somehow (I suspect she may have been drunk) I sneaked past her vetting process and got interviewed anyway. Go on over to her blog and have a read about just how much like a poster of a kitten hanging by one claw from a branch with ‘Hang in there’ written on it I actually am – She’s So Inspiring.


  1. I wasn’t drunk, you aced the non existent vetting process and naturally oozed your fabulous! I’m totally stoked that you’re part of the series, it’s definitely richer (and much funnier) for having you in it! Thanks for playing along x

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