1. I have just read your delightful story about your son and his BFF Pascal. I too saw red when I found that out this poor excuse for a doctor (who said they need to show humanity?) Dr van Gend had aired an ad, directed at single and or same sex partners. I find it so hard to understand that there are those that think there is only one right way to parent. I am yet to meet any two people that parent the same way. The sooner they stop worrying about how others are living their lives and concentrate on their own lives the sooner we can live in a nicer world.


    1. Hi Debbie and thanks for taking the time to comment. You are so right, I can’t believe that this congregation of so-called Christians think that spending $21,000 on an advertisement to criticise a sub-section of families is a good idea. Surely this money could go to so many other, worthwhile causes? Cheers, Julie


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