happy birthday boob in a box

And Still We Wait

Boob in a Box is still out on the turps celebrating the one year blogging anniversary. It’s amazing how many tequila slammers a prosthetic breast can knock over during happy hour. So here’s another post from the deep, dark recesses of 2014 – it’s a follow-on to yesterday’s post, about waiting for the wait to be over – The Wait’s End.

mastectomy cake

Right Here Waiting

Because a birthday should be celebrated for longer than just one day, here’s another flashback to one of my earlier posts. This one is about one of the main ways in which cancer can torture you – the constant fucking waiting. Almost a year down the track and I’m not required to do as much waiting, because I don’t have so many medical appointments. But there’s still the invisible, but heavy drag of the endless marking of time – The Weight of the Wait.

mastectomy cake