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It’s currently awards season in Hollywood, with all the famous (and in some cases infamous) folk lining up in ridiculously beautiful (and in some cases just ridiculous) outfits to give and receive Golden Globes, Emmys, BAFTAs and Oscars. The only saving grace of the vacuousness of these shows are hosts like Ricky Gervais and Amy Schumer who show no fear in making jokes about – and of – the arseholes, divas, hypocrites and egomaniacs.

Speaking of egomaniacs, this week I was nominated for a blogging award. Yes, another one. Look I’m not really counting or anything, but you’re probably curious to know so I’ll humbly mention that it’s actually my third nomination in the past year. I’d like to thank you, my readers for recognising just how bloody awesome I am, my family for supporting me in sharing my prodigious talent with the world, and finally, I’d like to thank cancer. Without cancer, I’d be nothing but a healthy person living my life without ongoing physical pain and the fear of recurrence, writing about totally uninspirational stuff like rainbows and unicorns. Oh cancer, you saucy minx of juxtaposition.

So the award I was nominated for is called the One Lovely Blog Award.


Nominations are chosen by fellow bloggers for newer or up-and-coming bloggers. I was nominated by Mandy from The Mandy Diaries (hi and thank you Mandy!). The goal of the award is to help give recognition and to also help the new blogger reach more viewers.

In order to accept the award the nominated blogger must share seven facts/or things about him/herself and nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

So, seven facts about me …

  1. I cannot eat poultry (chicken, duck, turkey etc) of any kind because of a food allergy (actually, technically speaking an intolerance). People find this freakish and fascinating. I find it tedious, especially as my husband and son both worship at the Altar of Chook.
  2. I used to play volleyball. One day I was playing in a game, and on the next court over there was a very serious mens A grade game going on. Our ball rolled onto their court, so I ran over with the intention of stopping it with my foot and picking it up, and getting off their court as quickly as possible. Things didn’t quite go to plan and I tripped over the ball and ended up sprawled in the middle of their court. Play had to be halted on their court while I was reinstated to an upright position, and on our court because my team-mates where pissing themselves laughing.
  3. My uterus is the wrong shape – normal ones are shaped like an upside-down pear, mine is shaped like a love heart. The love heart thing would be cute if it didn’t cause failure to conceive, recurrent miscarriage, and premature birth.
  4. I must have a huggy pillow in order to sleep. A huggy pillow is just a normal pillow which I clasp to my chest whilst sleeping. If I am in circumstances where a spare pillow is not available, I will fashion one from whatever is at hand, such as a towel, item of clothing, or my son’s panda toy. Things can get a little awkward when he wakes up and asks for it back.
  5. I love animals and find it very difficult to relate to people who don’t feel the same.
  6. Writing a Mills and Boon type romance novel has been a life-long goal of mine. I just need to come up with a catchy title, and the rest should be a cinch.

    mills and boon

    So I’m thinking something like … Singly Titted, Prosthetically Fitted??

  7. I am now waiting on a call from Mills and Boon.

As for new and up-and-coming bloggers I admire, there are many, but to be honest, I can’t list 15 here because I simply don’t have the time to read that many blogs. The whole making a living, being a mother and wife, having friends thing tends to get in the way of my desire to endlessly read stuff on the Internet, so I’ll have to cheat a little here and list fewer than 15. What this list lacks in numbers, it makes up for in quality:

Puddleducklane – beautiful photos, fabulous food and amazing craft.

Shitty Tittie Bang Bang – breast cancer – same, same but different.

Kiz B Kool – a really useful blog for those of us with kids who are into all things technomological.

Pickles and Pords – all about kids and reading, two of my favourite things!

Good Food Week – some great recipes here.

Right, now over to you Kanye.




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