The Bachelor

One bloke.

He’s looking for something – a new direction. He’s ready to put himself out there, ready for a new future.

Dates. So many dates. Due dates, term dates, prac dates.

Can he remain committed? Cue self-doubt, deep and meaningful conversations, pep talks. 

More dates. One after the other. Some in groups. They never end well.

Then the plot twist no-one saw coming. Cancer. Honestly, where’s the fucking romance in that?

More dates, now for surgery, treatment, more surgery, more treatment, bit more surgery. Starting to think previous sorts of dates were kind of a breeze.

Eventually, he’s back in the game. Re-focus.

See that on the horizon? That’s the finish line and the future all rolled into one. And isn’t she a beautiful creature?

Final date. The big one. Today, Friday, 4 September 2015. 

Introducing The Bachelor of Education:


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