Happy Birthday, Dear Boobie

Happy Birthday to you! Hip, hip …..

Today, Boob in a Box turns one. When I posted my very first post on 7 April 2014, I wasn’t sure how long I’d stick at this, or who (if anyone) would read it, but I decided to give it a crack and press the publish button. I’m so bloody glad that I did. During this year, so much has happened, and the cheap therapy that writing provides has been invaluable.

The absolute best thing about this whole blogging caper has been your comments, emails and tweets. In the words of the famous Australian orator Jeff Fenech – I love youse all.

To mark the first birthday of Boob in a Box, I’m going to republish some of my favourite posts. Many are from early on when my only readers where me and one of my dogs (the other one just wasn’t that interested). So for some of you, these stories will be new, and for others it will be a trip down memory lane from way back in the olden days of 2014.

One post that struck a chord in my own heart, because it was the first time I’d put what had happened to me into words (well words other than FUCK, SHIT and OH MY GOD), was this one about what happens when you find a lump in your breast – When I Think About You.

mastectomy cake


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