About Me

I used to have two boobs attached to me permanently, but now I keep the right one in a box when I’m not using it. That’s the obvious physical manifestation of having had breast cancer; the psychological and emotional scars are perhaps a lot less obvious.

I am 48, a wife and mother with a full-time professional job. I’ve just started studying my Masters degree and in the spare 45 seconds I have remaining in each day, will occasionally write on this blog.

Cancer means nothing on some days, and everything on others.

photo of Julie

She who keeps her boob in a box.

One comment

  1. Is your name Julie? I wrote a book available on Amazon.com called “Boob in a Box” by A. J. Funstuff (my pseudonym). I hope you will buy the paperback or download the eBook. You can privately email me. I am giving talks about reconstruction, having gone through breast cancer as well. — Adrienne


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